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How much does a spa bath cost?

The price of a spa bath depends on its size, but above all on its equipment, the power of the pump and the level of sophistication of its massage systems. Count at least 600 euros for a rectangular model with 2 to 4 nozzles, a rather simple design and few options. The average price is around 1,500 dollars.

Each optional element can be added to the price of the device: colored facade ($ 500), music or aromatherapy option ($ 3 to $ 400), waterfall or overflow system, etc. For a little less than $ 4,000, you will find contemporary-style bathtubs, with a silent mixed massage system, chromo- and music therapy, etc. Note, however, that the most sophisticated bathtubs easily exceed $ 10,000!

Inexpensive maintenance

Finally, the maintenance of a spa bath is relatively inexpensive. The massage system has, in the most sophisticated models, an automatic cleaning system. Otherwise, you will need to clean the nozzles by hand, once a month, using a special product.

A  wide selection of indoor spas as well as outdoor jacuzzis for sale. It’s not just for you to have a successful home design. It is also an essential accessory for the maintenance of your skin. Indeed, spas have the same advantages as private hammams. They are used at a certain temperature, which helps induce sweating. Enough to hydrate the skin, ensure a certain elasticity and eternal youth, but also allow it to get rid of residues that can clog the pores. A weekly spa session is indicated for smooth skin and a luminous complexion. However, no matter how comfortable your Tropicspa Swim Spa is, you cannot stay there for several hours at a time. The jets of water massage the muscles and overexposure could cause them to relax completely.


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