The wooden Jacuzzi

Wood has become a material in demand by different types of people such as artisans, home builders, and many more. This importance of wood has also been proven through wellness equipment: It is currently seen in Jacuzzi stores to offer consumers looking for genuine and warm relaxation in a wooden jacuzzi. The builders of wooden Jacuzzis have been able to combine perfectly aesthetics and comfort, giving the product some aspects of authenticity, naturalness, luxury and conviviality that cannot be found with other Jacuzzis.

The different types of wooden Jacuzzi

When we adorn the famous wooden jacuzzi, this implies two different types of tub, namely:

- Jacuzzis with wooden exterior cladding: have the same functionality and the same shell of an ordinary jacuzzi in addition to the appearance of wood. The adaptability of the jacuzzi depends on the nature of the wood covering it. This type of jacuzzi does not require too much maintenance since the wood is not in direct contact with water.
- Jacuzzis which are entirely made of wood, however, require maintenance to maintain the durability of their beauty. Indeed, the products for carrying out maintenance should be unalterable, namely cedar and larch.

Installation and maintenance

If the installation of a classic jacuzzi is considered a little difficult, that of the wooden jacuzzi is not the same, we could choose like any other type of jacuzzis for sale to opt for a kit installation of a jacuzzi. in wood, you just have to ask your salesperson who will be able to advise you and help you with the installation as well as the maintenance specially dedicated for your wooden jacuzzi, because it depends on the type of wood species chosen.

Most builders choose incorruptible woods, others use precious woods such as teak for high-end Jacuzzis, however this type of wood requires more repair than composite woods which require little. Generally, it is always recommended to apply a touch of varnish annually for wooden Jacuzzis.

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