Welcome in our ranch

The Ranch is an operational ranch offering many opportunities for activities such as cattle work, horseback riding, fly fishing, and more. We rely primarily on the adventure. Families, adults and people traveling alone, come from all over the world to spend a few days a year at the ranch because they know what they find there: horse riding at an excellent level, cattle labor enough (always on horseback sure), in short, a unique experience that spans over 1200 km². In addition to horseback riding, cattle work and fly fishing, we offer a variety of activities such as pigeon shooting, canoeing, hiking, biking, 4 × 4 tours. Etc. we want to give personal attention to each of you, both in terms of food, housing, the team (we are quadrilingual) and horses.

Luxurious accommodation, excellent cuisine and genuine hospitality

At our Ranch, we want to offer excellence to our guests, whether in terms of hospitality, lodging and of course cooking. We usually welcome several people a week, which allows us this customization and authenticity. Many guests come back here to see our team again. The 3C rule is ours: Character, Behavior and Skill are for us three keywords. About the latter (Competence), it is important to specify that we invest a lot in the training of our staff.

A unique experience

One of the reasons we have such a large team is because we treat them as family. We want the ranch to be a great place to live, where both our team and our guests feel good. That's why it's the best place to spend your holidays. Our loyal visitors will tell you about the quality of our services, the very good maintenance of our facilities and the cleanliness. They appreciate that each visit, we strive to make it better every time. We combine a traditional breeding culture with great hospitality, staff with international experience, and most of all, a family and a team who enjoy making you happy.

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