Your holiday boat rental with Samboat

Buying a boat is often expensive and involves constraints. For a holiday budget, prefer renting, especially as new platforms simplify the process and expand offers. Samboat offers its rental services to facilitate your trip and enjoy your holidays. Find his offers on

Samboat: a boat rental startup

Founded in 2014 by Laurent Calando and Nicolas Cargou, the start-up based in Bordeaux has developed a platform for renting boats between individuals. It connects boat owners, eager to reduce their costs, with sailors who want to go out at sea at an affordable price. To secure rentals, tailor-made insurance has been created, in partnership with the MAIF, and the tenant is invited to fill a nautical CV so that the owner of the boat can measure the skills and experience of the person who is preparing to sail with his boat. In order to get paid, SamBoat charges a commission of 15% on each rental.

The Samboat concept for your holidays

Samboat is collaborative consumption: concretely, it is a web platform that connects individuals who are looking for a boat to rent for their holidays with owners who wish to provide their boat when they do not. Do not use it.

This concept of a new kind has many advantages: it allows boat owners to make the most of their boat when they do not use it, 97% of the time. They can supplement their income while providing service to the community.

On the other hand, individuals looking for a boat to rent can access many models that would otherwise be unaffordable. The absence of intermediaries and direct contact reassure individuals, who no longer hesitate to engage in collaborative consumption.

Bank transactions are also completely secure, and payment is assured to the owner even if there is a problem. As for the renter, he can make his choice in all serenity thanks to the serious guarantee of the owners referenced by Samboat.

So, Samboat's fleet consists of more than 10,000 boats for hire, of all types: from sailing boats to zodiacs, from catamarans by barges to motorboats and semi-rigid boats. You will have a wide choice for your holiday plans.

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