How to rent a boat step by step with Samboat

Samboat is the most popular platform for your boat rental project. No matter what type of rental you are looking for, for a private or professional or family event, Samboat is in good shape on this point. And above all, the rental of boats with family or occasional, this site offers several possibilities at this level.

Let's present Samboat and see his offers

Samboat now presents thousands of boat destinations with thousands of countries that are already covered by the site and more than 30,000 privately owned boats. You have two types of rentals on Samboat in general. A boat with a skipper or a rental without a skipper of which you are the captain on board. But Samboat also offers occasional rentals, for a ride on a motorboat in the islands or places that have rivers and canals open to navigation. And finally, Samboat offers a ferry cruise, because since its existence, it has already worked with several companies. Now, we need to know how to rent a boat and here are the steps to do this.

Rent a boat on Samboat

We connect to the site and then enter our destination and the dates of your stay. Then, we look at the catalogue and find the boat that suits us. We take a good look at the boat's sheet and sort out the best offers. Once we have found the boat that corresponds to our budget, we start the reservation request with the direct owner, therefore on the boat sheet. If this request has been accepted by the owner, you make the request to the site and book this boat. You correctly fill in the booking form for which you have an online advisor who helps you, and pay you the deposit and part of the total price.

Don't forget to comment on your trip on the relevant section of the boat's sheet so that the owner can improve his services.

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