Cruising around the coasts of Croatia

A nation of exceptional character was born at the intersection of Roman, Slavic, Venetian, Byzantine and Austro-Hungarian influences, under a climate blessed by the gods. The beautiful Croatian shoreline, cut around a multitude of islands, provides a dazzling amount of locations on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This cabotage on board an appealing yacht will bring you to Montenegro, finding a distinctive nature and architectural richness: Split, whose Renaissance architecture surprisingly blends with the remains of the imperial palace, Dubrovnik, the incomparable Ragusa, and Pearl of the Adriatic, the amazing Kotor Bay or Korcula and its ancient traditions.

Navigate in the Montenegro and discover the Kotor Bay

The kotor bay is the most southern fjord in Europe, a renowned natural site under UNESCO protection. Visit the Perast whose baroque together is best maintained on the Adriatic. Perast was enhanced by countless palaces and churches thanks to the growth of navy and commerce in the 17th and 18th centuries. You will find Our Lady of the Rocks monastery, raised on an island as posed on the ocean. After dinner, proceed along the ancient town of Kotor, surrounded by an impressive defense wall, lurking at the bottom of the gulf of the same name, at the foot of Mount Lovcen.

Discover the Dubrovnik area

Founded in the 7th century and categorized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this beautiful town is a true open-air museum. Its campaniles, domes, churches and palaces bear witness to the glorious moments when the Ragusa pavilion floated across the Mediterranean. Visit the Franciscan Romanesque-Gothic convent that houses one of Europe's oldest pharmacies. Enjoy your free time on board after dinner, appreciate a stroll on the ramparts and completely enjoy the city's wonderful spectacle. In the evening, watch a concert at the Rector's Palace by the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra with its lovely Baroque staircase and Gothic interior.

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