Glamping: find everything you need in Auvergne

Are you looking for a place to experience an unforgettable vacation? Do you need accommodation that is as comfortable as it is friendly? If so, you should think of Auvergne. This part of France meets all the conditions to make your stay memorable. In addition, it is a high standing campsite location. You will appreciate the setting, but also the caring hosts as well as the personalized services. If an adventure in the middle of nature tempts you, then the next lines concern you.

What is glamping?

When it comes to outdoor tourism, the trend is towards glamping France. Concretely, you are still on a campsite, but you will be entitled to top-of-the-range service, services worthy of a palace. Beyond the "glam touch", the materials for the construction of mobile homes or chalets are ecological. If you are wondering how this benefits you, here is the answer: the facilities are as original as they are respectful of nature and blend better with the wild surroundings. You can opt for an Eskimo house, a luxury trailer or a tipi.
If you opt for glamping, your kids will surely still be talking about your original vacation for years to come. The environment in which you will stay will be green. When you wake up, you will have the opportunity to hear the cries of birds. During the day you can enjoy a splendid view. The greenery that surrounds you will make you want to take life on the safe side and stay there as long as possible. The establishment's gourmet restaurant allows you to eat as if you were in Paris or in another large metropolis.
At the level of the mobile home, you will have all the necessary amenities. The furniture can be chic with leather, raw wood as well as stone. As a reminder, construction materials come from the region for total respect for the environment.
In short, the concept of glamping mixes luxury with nature. It's a bit like being in a big hotel, but without the tons of concrete blocking your view. Then, you will be free to choose your location.

Why go glamping in Auvergne?

Auvergne is a prime destination for lovers of glamorous camping. This central region has a number of high standard establishments. To better appreciate your glamping stay in Auvergne, think of a host who offers a unique stay in the middle of a haven of peace. Another thing, Auvergne remains particularly popular for the natural setting it offers. The various volcanoes form playgrounds for hiking fans. Those looking to experience an authentic stay in a postcard setting can come and admire the different landscapes. The local products are exceptional. Then there is the kindness of the Auvergnats. The locals give you a warm welcome. Know that by choosing Auvergne, you are choosing a real corner of paradise.
As a program of activities, we invite you to start by visiting many volcanoes in the region. You will have 4 volcanic massifs to visit if you have the time and the courage to tackle the altitude. Continue the walk in the Auvergne animal park. Better than a zoo, it is a place where nearly 600 animals enjoy a beautiful environment. Some of them even participate in shows orchestrated for tourists. During the walks, it is possible to have a snack in authentic farmhouses. Young and old will be amazed by the making of cheese or the breeding of bees.
Lovers of nautical pleasures can also take a dip in Auvergne to change from the heated swimming pool to their glamping. Indeed, Chambon Lake is open to all kinds of aquatic activities.
The stay will also be an opportunity to learn about the history of the region. It goes through the different castles. There is in particular that of the Val which is on the edge of the lake Bort-les-Orgues between Brive-la-Guillarde and Clermont-Ferrand. To learn more about Auvergne’s past, you can go to the hill of the dinosaurs. There you will encounter giant dragonflies, T-Rex and many other vestiges of the prehistoric era.

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