All your holiday boating options are here !

Sailing is not a bad idea for this weekend, and if you really stick to it to please your special little family become your boat’s captain is not so bad either. But he'll have to find options for a rental boat.

Boat rental offers

you several possibilities to rent a boat. You can find full agency which offers its online portal. On the site of the boat rental agency, you will find a file of boats available for rent. Normally, they are classified under three categories: sailing boats, motor boats, or power boats. Your choice will depend on your destination, but most of your knowledge by boat.

Having the boat license

If really navigation interests you, you can make an online skipper training. If you register here you shoe a skipper course during the summer holidays. This training can last 2 to 3 years, but perhaps for a few months for those who have already spent a coastal training before. We can start being skipper at the age of 15, will begin training at age 12, but if it really wants to deepen, it is committed to the school of marine monitor for a ship. There are boats that do not require a marine resume, but just a certificate as skipper take the helm of a yacht, a catamaran, a yacht or that kind of pleasure boat as they say. But if it's a ferry, a cargo and other types of large boat, one must have the cap commander.

The holidays at sea

There are several routes in the world if you want to escape terrestrial life. You can rent any yacht for a day, or hours, with or without skipper. But you can also rent a boat for individuals who have permission to moor at the dock.

Warning, a boat rental contract is a need to ensure its clauses. And above all, to check up on the state of the boat.

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