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The luxury of renting a yacht while in Greece

Rent a boat is very easy, the steps are done online and without much trouble, you can rent a boat today. You do not need a nautical knowledge, or even a boat license, just have to be over 18 and you are allowed to rent a boat, even from the yacht. And besides, good places await you like Greece.

Rent a boat for Greece

If you are looking to rent a boat in Greece with the crew, or perhaps just with a skipper, or even go alone (bareboat), you are ready for this great adventure. Greece is a land of myths and legends, a place where you can explore old ruins, relax on sandy beaches or party all night long in enchanting seaside towns. Best of all, if you rent a boat for a sailing holiday in Greece, you have the opportunity to explore one of the thousands of islands that surround the continent. Many visitors who embark on a yacht rental greece holiday and do not know what to expect.

Watch out for strong winds in August in Greece

If you decide to go to Greece in August, remember that in the north, you will encounter a violent wind called "meltemia". These winds can be a challenge for an inexperienced sailor. Fortunately, "Meltemi" is the wind that is only found in the Aegean part of the city from Athens to the east. In the Ionian Sea, there is no Meltemi wind. Note also that the month of August is just in the middle of the tourist season and can be quite crowded (the season lasts from April to October). June, July and September are better months to introduce yourself if you want to stay away from the crowd.

And finally, the cost may vary depending on different factors: the type of ship you rent at the time of your visit and whether you decide to recruit a crew or skipper or rent a bareboat in Greece.

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