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How to get the best health benefits from a home jacuzzi

With a spa at home, you forget the travel and the time it takes. In addition, you enjoy a unique intimacy, impossible to have in public places. Without forgetting the hygiene which implies an exclusively private use.

How to choose a spa?

As we know, a Jacuzzi is a large bathtub with hydromassage and air conditioning. Therefore, one of the most important aspects that we need to consider before buying one is the location. Keep in mind that this is always a sanitary. And as such, he needs a specific and adequate installation for the treatment of his water.

Evaluate available space

Anything we want to add to the house will depend on the space we have. This is an obvious aspect and installs a spa at home even more, taking into account its dimensions. As small as the jacuzzi model, you need a cabin or an outdoor area big enough to install the jacuzzi, all its equipment and to be able to use and move it with comfort and safety. The latter is particularly important, especially if the spa is high. In this case, you may need a ladder, so, rely on home jacuzzi to find out if your home has enough space.

Evaluate available space

When we talk about the capacity of a Jacuzzi, we refer to the number of people who will usually use it at the same time. In private spas, the usual models are models with two to five seats maximum.

The number and location of the jets

If you have muscle disease and need hydrotherapy, you will need to consider the number of jets you need and their location. Depending on its distribution, you can enjoy lumbar, dorsal or cervical massage. If you are an athlete, the location and number of jets in your hot tub will depend on the areas of the body that you exercise the most and want to treat.

Inside or outside, you decide whether you prefer to relax inside or outside the house.


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