31 Mai 2021 à 14h30 - 539

The right gestures to have during a Nordic spa!


If you are feeling unwell or are in low spirits. The solution is to pamper yourself with a Nordic spa session, in your indoor jacuzzi tub. It offers you inner enjoyment, and body care through hydrotherapy. A k6 Nordic spa allows you to dive into a good restful sleep, which regenerates the health of your skin, a massage is added for an ideal result. However, before starting your Nordic spa. Certain precautions are required to avoid untoward incidents, starting with the right reflexes and the right gestures not to be neglected, as well as the gadgets to always carry with you. The process of a Nordic spa During the session, wearing a swimsuit and plastic tongues, or "flip flops" (sandals in Quebec) is necessary and do not forget the bag to store them after use. But that doesn't prevent you from taking a "spa pack" (water bottle, towel and bathrobe). A Nordic spa is all about relaxation. Because there is something for everyone: those who like to read a good book, those who just want to relax, and even those who prefer to listen to good music with their Mp3 player (which can handle the heat). The showers are already well equipped (soap, shampoo) but you can always bring some. Take a shower to stabilize your body temperature before entering the room. When you enter the landscape to begin the different phases (hot, cold, rest time), which are alternated one after the other. We do not content ourselves once or twice because for the Nordic spa to be beneficial, we run this cycle 3 to 4 times. Finally, given the amount of water you release, consider staying hydrated all the time. After this good ritual you are ready to resume the daily routine.


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